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Mounjaro/Wegovy Protein Shakes & Soups (10 meals)

Mounjaro/Wegovy Protein Shakes & Soups (10 meals)

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Combining GLP-1 medication with a balanced diet and exercise is an effective and sustainable way to reach your health goals.

Our soups & shakes are perfect for those taking semaglutides like Wegovy or tirzepatide like Mounjaro. They are high in protein, contain all 26 essential nutrients and minerals, are quick to prepare and easy to consume where your appetite has reduced.

What's in our meals?

Regardless of which flavour you choose, you'll be loading up on all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, up to 19g of protein, and get to benefit from the inclusion of whole foods like strawberries and peas.

How do I prepare the meals?

Taking less than 5 minutes to prepare, all you need to do is mix the meals with water, heat as required, and serve with any final flavour flourishes! 

Our soups & shakes make eating on GLP-1 medication simple:

✅  They're full of protein

Each of our meals contains over 19g of protein per serving.

✅  They're nutritious

Containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals and regulated levels of all the key nutrients your body needs to function normally, our meals keep you nourished.

✅  You'll feel fuller for longer

Consuming meals with a full nutrient profile helps you feel fuller for longer. 

✅  They're quick and simple to prepare

Simply blend with water and heat as necessary, and you're done! Our meals make healthy choices quick, simple, and easy to follow on the go.

✅ No more calorie counting

At just 200kcal per meal, our meals are a simple way of reducing calories without overthinking it.

Try all 10 nutritionally-complete Habitual meals in our Taster Box (worth £20). 

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