Collection: Meal Replacement Shakes

Designed for those who want a quick, delicious, and nutritious solution, these shakes are the ideal companion to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Say goodbye to the hassle of meal prep with our meal replacement shakes. Ready in under 2 minutes, they're perfect for those on the go or with a busy lifestyle. Whether you're at home or out and about, seamlessly integrate these shakes into your routine and stay committed to your weight loss objectives.

Each flavour contains up 19 grams of protein, 26 essential vitamins and minerals, and with just 200 calories per serving, our shakes offer a low-calorie yet nutrient-packed option to manage your daily intake

Habitual meal replacement shakes ensure you are getting a nutritionally complete meal without having to calorie count or think about what you are eating. Available in chocolate, caramel, strawberry, spiced chai, or vanilla, allowing you to enjoy yourself without compromising your weight loss goals.